THIS NCT participant can be a strong opponent in arm wrestling — who is he?


NCT has a reputation as one of the male K-pop groups with an overflowing talent engine, refined looks and athletic physique. Therefore, it is inevitable that fans remember them not only because of their iconic performances, but also remind them of the “goals of the body”.

With recent photos circulating on various social networks, NCTzens noticed that THIS NCT participant has gradually improved his physique to the point that he has become a competent competitor in arm wrestling competitions.

Who is he? Keep reading this article to learn more!

THIS NCT participant as a contender for arm wrestling
NCT Dream, the third division of NCT, consolidated the image radiating youthful vibes with their debut song “Chewing Gum”. Since the group once consisted of teenagers, fans are thrilled with how the members have improved not only the idols’ skills, but also the bodybuilding aspect.

NCT Dream “Chewing Gum”
(Photo: Twitter || @SMTOWNGLOBAL)
Thanks to their diverse discography, NCT Dream have demonstrated the duality of attractiveness and maturity. The proof of this duality is the lead dancer of the group, the lead rapper and the visual Na Jamin or professionally known as Jamin, whom fans sometimes call “Nana”.

With his incredible stage charm, warm personality and charisma, it’s not hard to understand how Jamin could immediately attract the attention of fans and non-fans. Considering the number of NCT participants, Jamin is one of the favorites of the public.

In 2022, NCT Dream attended many concerts and music festivals around the world. The band recently wrapped up their performance at I POP U Manila, marking their second visit to the Philippines this year.

Jamin from NCT Dream
(Photo: Twitter || @AllAbtJaemin)
Since Jamin charmed the audience with his performances and visual effects, fans couldn’t help but applaud the improvement in the physical condition of the beatbox rapper.

Fans referred to Jamin’s physique during the “Boom” promotion to his current physique, thereby congratulating the rapper on how his body has improved, especially his biceps. Fans say that after three years, charming Jamin became a suitable candidate for arm wrestling.

it has become much bigger…

— thinking about Jaemin (@jaemthink) October 27, 2022
In addition, fans speculate that Jaemin may be immersed in the gym, as one can see a significant improvement over his promotional fan cameras and “Glitch Mode” photos.

With this improvement, NCTzens cannot help but compare Jamin with his accomplice Geno. Some even think that Jamin can be stronger than Geno now.

NCT Dream Geno and Jemin
(Photo : Twitter || @matchalatte2196)
Check out this short fan cam to see how Jamin impresses fans with his talent, looks and physique:

After receiving a lot of compliments, Jaemin assured the fans that they will continue to work hard, and fans should look forward to not only him, but the whole NCT Dream.

Will Jamin tell you about his nutrition and training plan for 2022? We will be looking forward to it!

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Will we have a “Nominal” arm wrestling match?
Together since the days of trainee, Jemin and Geno have proven their friendship that transcends time. Consequently, fans couldn’t help but agree that Beatbox rappers have a constant chemistry and connection that is rock solid.

NCT Jamin and Geno
(Photo: Twitter || @loeythearcher)
When these cute “Chewing Gum” singers turn into pumped-up young men, NCTzens urge them to hold an arm wrestling match to determine who is more energetic and buffered.

Jamin and Geno from NCT Dream
(Photo: Twitter || @NCTsmtown)
Regardless of who turns out to be the stronger opponent, Jamin and Geno’s friendship has proven its usefulness over the years.


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