This Metaverse coin is now registered on KuCoin!


KuCoin, which is gaining momentum among cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will now list CEEK VR (CEEK), a metaverse coin. KuCoin will start supporting the CEEK/USDT pair on its platform. In addition, the platform informs that postlisted purchases will begin on April 8, 2022 at 12:00. In addition, the platform also informs that withdrawals from CEEK will begin on April 9, 2022 at 13:00.

What is this CEC?

CEEK VR is known as a metaverse project located on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. CEEK VR’s own token, CEEK, is launched based on ERC-20. CEEK stands out as a metaverse platform that provides a digital reality experience and has its own patented virtual reality glasses. In addition, users can find on this platform the opportunity to meet names from the world of art, sports and shows that they admire.

On the other hand, the CEEK token cannot be mined. However, users can exchange this token on the platform or receive it as a reward. CEEK VR offers users the opportunity to win NFT and tokens, as in other metaverse games, in a game model to earn (P2E) on its platform. CEEK also has its own NFT market.

Price of CEEK and Binance

At the time of writing, CEEK is trading at around $0.5. In addition, CEEK shows an increase of 5% weekly and almost 30% monthly. Looking at historical data, CEEK saw the lowest value on March 13, 2020 — $0.000948. In addition, on November 29, 2021, CEEK reached its all-time high ATH, trading at $1.2.

In addition to all this, CEEK investors expect CEEK to be registered on Binance as well. Thanks to the popularization of the metaverse coins, as well as the increase in the price and market value of CEEK, CEEK may also be registered on Binance in the future.