This Metaverse Coin Has Become Whales Favorite: They’re Getting It Quickly!


Ethereum whales have started investing in a number of altcoin projects. These were among the various niches of the crypto space. However, these whales are increasingly investing in metaverse coin projects, just like the rest of the space.

Metaverse coin favored by whales: The Sandbox (SAND)

According to data from WhaleStats, Ethereum whales are interested in the metaverse token SAND. In a tweet, the wallet tracker reported that the token has become the most traded token among the top 1,000 Ethereum wallets. By achieving that title, it knocked out LINK and signaled increased interest from the biggest investors. Besides just trading tokens, Ethereum whales are also increasing their holdings. WhaleStats reported that a single ETH whale purchased 635,585 SAND, worth $4,385,536 at the time of purchase. In total, the top 1,000 ETH wallets currently hold $237,478,480 worth of SAND, showing a marked increase in holdings among these wallets.

Competitor MANA has been on the top 10 tokens bought by ETH whales for a week. Metaverse token placed 5th behind meme token Shiba Inu with an average purchase amount of 30,168 tokens, with an average dollar value of $94,912. As we reported on Somanews, Metaverse tokens such as SAND and MANA made their big debut when social media giant Facebook announced that it was rebranding as Meta. As investors scramble to own a piece of these virtual reality spaces, in the metaverse and buying property is fast becoming one of the leading ways to invest.