This Metaverse coin announces a massive investment!


The global blockchain venture platform Limitless has received a $12.5 million investment from Next Earth to support the release of a new metaverse based on the principle of “play to win”. Related to the metaverse coin project, more than 400,000 virtual terrestrial NFTs have been sold since August 2021, using the earth’s surface as the starting point for the project.

Giant Metaverse Investment of $12.5 Million from Next Earth

Limitless accepts $12.5 million in funding from Next Earth to form a strategic partnership. Thus, an important step was taken in the construction of new projects Limitless, Next Earth and the metaverse as a whole. Next Earth believes that these investments will help create a healthy metaverse economy and allow new companies to thrive and users to enjoy all that virtual reality has to offer. The following statements were made on the official Twitter account about the investment:

Next Earth is ready to take the metaverse to a new level thanks to Limitless Holding.

The team behind the Limitless global blockchain venture platform and the Next Earth metaverse project has formed a real collaboration with Next Earth to help the two companies achieve even greater success. Limitless considers Next Earth as a reliable system integration resource and helps in the development of the project’s service provider platform. Next Earth recognizes Limitless as its key strategic partner and offers significant investments and assistance for further expansion.

What is the NextEarth Metaverse Coin (NXTT)?

Since August 2021, Next Earth has sold almost 400,000 NFT of virtual lands. Virtual landowners can manage businesses, participate in the DAO of the metaverse, and monetize the platform’s activities. Next Earth focuses on developing a self-sustaining metaverse economy before focusing on virtual reality and user-generated content. After the launch of NXTT, the business plans to release a series of NEIPS that will affect the future of the platform and serve as a roadmap.