This Metaverse and NFT Platform Located on Solana Attracts Users!


Introduced by the Golem House team, Edensol aims to be a high-end NFT-centric game set in Solana (SOL).

With Edensol, Lithuania-based Golem House and Solana (SOL) blockchain enthusiasts can both enjoy the game and earn on the other.

Enhanced Gaming, Tournaments, and Rare NFTs

Released at the end of the 4th quarter of 2021, Edensol is an action game on the blockchain with NFT module. Since the first day, this game seems to excite its users with three different hero-type characters equipped with the latest technology. Heroes, called Warriors, Rangers and Mages, battle monsters and compete with their rivals in battles and tournaments. Those who succeed in these challenges earn NFTs from Edensol.

Edensol’s NFT collections consist of game-specific NFTs that have no alternative on other existing platforms. These collectibles consist of special weapons, advanced combat gear, limited edition outfits, pets, eggs, and various other in-game assets. Users can use these NFTs as value storage or in-game if they wish.

Edensol developers see Solana (SOL) as the most resource-efficient and best-scaling blockchain. In addition to offering high quality gameplay to players, SOL also provides the chance to own NFTs at very low fees unlike expensive Ethereum-based blockchain alternatives.

In Epic Tournaments, Edensol enthusiasts can compete among themselves as e-athletes. Additionally, players can bet on tournament results to win native tokens of the Edensol gaming ecosystem.

Earning Land NFTs and NSOL Tokens

Finally, the Edensol team offers the opportunity to buy and sell land NFTs i.e. land in the Edensol Metaverse. Once purchased, land NFTs provide passive income for their owners. In addition, players can form guilds for NFT wars by staking NSOL tokens.

When NSOL is staked, Edensol player guilds can raid and conquer lands owned by other players. Players can also form alliances within the game. Or they can choose neither of these and earn passive income from the land.