This made Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares boyfriends


This is how they met and began the love story between Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares, his new girlfriend.

The High School Musical actor has been a trend on social networks after announcing his new romance, although he has not officially confirmed their courtship, it seems that things between the two are flowing at a good pace, there is even talk that she left her job Well, as if it were a love movie between the popular star and a normal young woman who worked as a waitress.


According to Who magazine, Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares began their relationship during the summer, the actor met her since last July in Byron Shire after visiting a cafeteria, since then, both have been captured together on various dates and on social networks Photos of their encounters in the town of New South Wales circulate.

Fans have yearned for the new boyfriends, as her story seems to be taken from a young adult novel where the girl meets a famous star. The story of Zac and Vanessa Valladares began at the Byron Bay restaurant and they met thanks to the girl’s boss, a real cupid, as he was the one who introduced them to each other.


Since then, the two have been seen dating together, skiing in the town of Thredbo and enjoying their walks hand in hand through the streets of Belongil Beach, where the Hollywood actor resides. Although the evidence is clear, a source revealed to People that there is nothing serious for now, but they are really enjoying their time together.

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Apparently, Zac Efron managed to recover and leave behind his history with Halston Sage, his ex-girlfriend and with whom he would have started a relationship at the beginning of the year, there was even talk of a reconciliation with the actress in the month of August. Although they did not declare their breakup, the actor traveled to Australia and found the girl who would steal his heart in the most unexpected way.


Vanesa Valladares has become known on her social networks, as several fans went into FBI mode and managed to find her Instagram profile. Zac and his supposed girlfriend have become the example of many fans that love can do everything and you don’t need to be a famous girl to meet the boy of your dreams.


Although his love story began in Australia, the actor also lived one of the worst experiences of his life in that country, as he was on the verge of death after recording his reality show.


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