This Last of Us Clicker Cosplay Is So Good That Fans Want A New Universal Ride


Fans are begging Universal Studios to add a new scary maze to “Halloween Horror Nights” after the cosplayer skillfully coped with the frightening performance of The Last of Us clickers.

The Last of Us is back in the spotlight thanks to HBO’s ongoing adaptation of the popular post-apocalyptic video game series Naughty Dog.

The show, already hailed as one of the most accurate video game adaptations of all time, tells the story of Joel and Ellie’s journey as they make their way through an America devastated by the “infected” (in other words, zombies). almost a direct comparison with the original game, except for a few new settings from the showrunners.

In the last episode, viewers get acquainted with the “clickers”. These creatures mark the third stage of “infection”, which is almost completely covered by the fungus cordyceps. It relies on echolocation to detect prey using the “clicking” vocalizations that gave them their name.

The Clickers were met with rave reviews from game fans who admired the skill with which the special effects team revived zombies… and even inspired one talented cosplayer to try his hand at playing with mushroom-soaked creatures.

TLOU Clicker Cosplayer Costume Captures Social Media

Cosplayer Ivan King uploaded his look at Clicker to TikTok on January 16, and it’s safe to say that fans are impressed. They managed to create a headdress from the cordyceps mushroom that bloomed on their face, as well as several shelves of mushrooms all over their body.


Had the pleasure to work with @slim_dogs and @Francesco Sanseverino bringing life to the Clicker to promote @thelastofushbo 🍄 . . #thelastofus #thelastofus2 #clicker #clickers #hbo #lastofus #lastofus2 #lastofuspart2 #lastofusedit #clickermask #ivanking #slimdogs #francescosanseverino #naughtydog #acting #actor #monster #monsteractor

♬ original sound – ⚜️ 𝙸𝚟𝚊𝚗 𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚐 ⚜️

Combined with tattered clothes and sharp movements, this real-life clicker is almost as good as HBO’s SFX makeup, and the sound effects make it even more frightening.

The audience instantly appreciated Ivan King’s cosplay and even called on Universal to create an attraction “Halloween Horror Nights” in a haunted house for The Last of Us.

“Well, unless Universal Studios makes it their new scary maze,” one commenter said.

“Hope to see some of them on Halloween this year!” suggested another. “Great job.”

The cosplay even went viral on Twitter, where users expressed similar feelings about Universal’s annual Halloween attraction.

“Universal Studios needs to make #TheLastOfUsHBO its new Horror Nights maze,” the poster says.

“OMGGG no, because I will book tickets as soon as they announce a STOP,” one fan confessed.

We can’t lie — it would definitely be super cool to experience the horror of infected Last of Us in real life. Just think what they could do with a bloated belly!


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