This landscape makes her nostalgic for her childhood!


In Story of her Instagram account, the beautiful Iris Mittenaere shared a photo where she confided that she was nostalgic for her childhood!

For some time now, Iris Mittenaere has been enjoying confinement in a dream location, according to her Instagram photos. Indeed, she decided to confine herself to the mountains, not far from Mont Blanc. This place seems to make her nostalgic for her childhood.

If Iris Mittenaere is to continue working, that does not mean that she is preventing herself from taking advantage of her confinement. Indeed, she spends small evenings with her family in her chalet. But that’s not all.

Iris Mittenaere also finds a way to keep in shape by continuing to exercise. From time to time, she also takes a few walks in nature. She continues to post videos and photos on social media.

This Tuesday, November 10, the young woman shared new photos in Story from her Instagram account. At first, it unveiled an incredible view of Mont Blanc. In an autumn and winter atmosphere, her shot caused a sensation.

Iris Mittenaere: ce paysage la rend nostalgique de son enfance !


Iris Mittenaere also shared a photo that made her nostalgic. Indeed, she showed a horse, peaceful in its meadow. In a countryside setting, the beautiful blonde recalled memories.

In fact, in the caption of her Instagram photo, the former Miss France also wrote: “It reminds me of my childhood”. If she seems very nostalgic, this little change of scenery far from Paris seems to do her good.

Her fans are eagerly awaiting her to perform live on Instagram. Recently, she promised she would make one just for singles. Indeed, she plans to do a little speed dating.

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