This Korean Actor Accused Of Leaving His Pregnant Girlfriend


A South Korean actor who has the initials ‘K’ reportedly left his pregnant girlfriend. Based on rumors circulating, the actor who has the title ‘Prince of Housewives’ because of his role in the drama is rumored to have left his girlfriend who is pregnant with his child. Her ex-boyfriend later admitted to having a miscarriage and she also admitted to being threatened by the actor.

The actor’s ex-girlfriend said, “When I asked him to delete my nude photos, he said he would sue me for threatening him. After that, he blocked me.”

His ex-girlfriend also claimed, “Actor ‘K’ got divorced in 2017. I dated him after confirming that he was divorced. I’m not a cheater. From the start of dating, he used to say he would marry me if I got pregnant and would release articles about it. He told me to trust him because he would take responsibility. I trust him and don’t use contraception when having sex.”

She then contacted actor ‘K’ to talk about her miscarriage in February. At that time he sent a message, “By the way, oppa has dumped me, so I didn’t tell you. But since you are the father, I want to say that I had a miscarriage.”

In addition, his ex-girlfriend also uploaded several screenshots of their conversation which became evidence that the two had indeed been dating.