This is why Jennifer Aniston hates her haircut.


Friends “The Rachel” became so popular that millions of fans around the world tried to imitate Jennifer Aniston’s look. Even other TV shows tried to put similar hairstyles on their actresses in the 90s.

Jennifer Aniston’s most notable appearance has gained a resurgence in popularity, but she wants nothing to do with that period in her past. Since her appearance, the actress has earned the hatred of “The Rachel” from Friends.

Jennifer Aniston was a fan of “The Rachel” at the beginning of Friends, but that changed when she realized just how loud the style got. Despite being considered an easy cut, McMillan has since shared that it required continuous cuts.

Jennifer Aniston was unable to replicate the style herself, and without McMillan’s styling expertise she was left with a lot of frizz. In 2011, she claimed that “The Rachel” from Friends was “the ugliest haircut” she had ever seen.

This, of course, was the reaction after the disastrous maintenance that occurred as a result, which finally changed his mind. Also, Jennifer Aniston commented on “The Rachel” from Friends, saying that she was not a fan of the look,

However she understood why “The Rachel” from Friends was popular, Jennifer Aniston was glad to get rid of it and never look back. To this day, the actress teams up with more natural styles that don’t require many cuts and tools to achieve.

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