This is what the Ponturin Couple misses most after a stroke


Ina von Mupentur openly talks about her life after a stroke. Shortly before her partner Vanessa gave birth to their first child together, the influencer unexpectedly suffered a stroke — as it later turned out, the cause was a hole in her heart. As a result of the seizure, the YouTuber is now paralyzed on one side. Although she was able to make great progress in the hospital and to some extent move again, she is still quite limited in her daily life. What does Ina miss the most in the time before the stroke of fate?

It was this question that she answered in the framework of questions and answers on Instagram: “Freedom and inner happiness and, of course, my home …” Further, Ina explained that she longed for the time when her thoughts were “not only” about a stroke. . How does a web video producer imagine his life in a year? “I hope that we will have a carefree and happy family life and that we will continue to spend a lot of time with the baby,” she stressed. “I want our whole family to stay so close to each other. I want more ordinary things and then slowly start processing this event.” At the moment, her biggest goal is to “become happier.”

Inna is definitely on the right track! When a fan wanted to know what she learned after a stroke, the 26-year-old girl listed: “Breathe, eat, sit, get up unsteadily, brush your teeth and sleep.” With a little help, she can get dressed again.


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