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Lucifer has been left in a difficult situation, after being forced to return to hell. Despite this, viewers have seen a number of rumors about a sixth season that will continue its story.

It has been generally accepted that the fifth season will involve Lucifer attempting to return from Hell. Season six is, as of now, uncharted territory, and fans of the series aren’t sure exactly what the series will feature.

Now, many viewers have been theorizing that season six could involve the backstories of Lucifer and Mazikeen, aka Maze.

Moving on to speak directly about the sixth season, a fan added that he believes that the sixth season of the Lucifer series will be centered on the events between Maze and Lucifer.

Diving into Maze and Lucifer’s past is certainly on the table, as a major crossover occurred last year involving every DC property, including Lucifer.

During this event, called Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lucifer was visited by Constantine (Matt Ryan) on his Earth. His discussion touched on the backstory of Maze and that Constantine had “helped” her in the past which could be seen in Lucifer now.

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