This is what Spider-Man Remastered looks like on PS5


We offer you the first 10 minutes of the remastered version of the first Insomniac Spider-Man, with Ray Tracing and 4K.

With Miles Morales’ announcement, one of the most striking elements that accompanied him is the news that not only would there be an intergenerational continuation, but that a remastered version of the great PS4 game was also being prepared so that it could look good in the new one. console. We have already been able to get the hang of that version, available as an extra in the Ultimate edition of Miles’s game and the results have left us pleasantly surprised.

What we expected to be an increase in resolution, framerate and some details has become a complete renovation work that covers different sections and that puts the title just one notch below that seen in Miles Morales. In the same initial sequence, when we see our stressed Peter Parker trying to put something in his mouth in his room before duty calls him, we can see details in his Chinatown hovel that did not directly exist on PS4. The details of the surfaces appear completely renewed, with a more realistic representation; the way in which the crystals are reflected or the composition of the materials is more credible, and there are even food scraps that did not exist before.

Generation leap

Once we get into the suit and the action begins, we find a New York enhanced by some of the techniques used in Miles Morales, particularly the remarkable Ray Tracing that Insomniac has implemented, which is adequately seen on glass and reflective surfaces. Perhaps one of the earliest proofs of this is when we arrive at the Kingpin offices, in which there is an obvious difference between how the floors and walls of the building are presented, the reflections from the marbles and the way the light enters. through the windows of the luxurious structure.

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The remastered version has the same two modes of the sequel, so we can decide between raytracing at 30 FPS or give up the effect in exchange for obtaining 60 FPS. In our video, with the first ten minutes of the game, we can see what the first mode looks like, the so-called “Fidelity”, with all the lighting effects and active ray tracing. We will also be able to see the dubbing into Spanish and the controversial presence of the new Peter Parker, who has changed the model due to Insomniac’s internal needs when it comes to recapturing the actors’ movements and facial gestures.

Luxurious remastering

As we have mentioned, this remastered version will only be available in the Ultimate version of Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, something that continues to raise some dust due to the fact that there are those who wish they could acquire it separately, something that is not possible at the moment -although not It is disposable that it may be possible in the future, just as Insomniac has rectified the initial intention that it had not saved a cross between the PS4 and PS5 version, which will now be possible. While we wait, we can begin to assess whether the most luxurious edition of the game is worth it as the premiere of the new Sony console.


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