This is what RM does to improve his dance moves.


RM unveiled to ARMY, who of the BTS members has inspired them to improve their dance moves.

RM is the handsome leader of the boy band BTS, because at only 25 years old he has stood out in the music industry for his great talent and his style of rapping, although something that also drives the ARMY crazy is his way of dancing.

But despite the excellent performance he has in dance, for the South Korean rapper it is not enough, as he seeks to perfect his movements, and that is why he revealed to his fans who of the members of the K-Pop group are his inspiration.

BTS’s RM is one of the most popular members of the South Korean group of the moment, because in addition to his charming anatomy, he is also a boy who is very passionate about his career and that is why he always seeks to learn and be better every day.

This is how RM improves his dance moves

A Twitter account released one of the confessions that RM made about two of the members of BTS, as he commented that every time he has the opportunity to see some choreography of the South Korean group, he looks at the dance steps that he did not do well. .

“I always compare my movements with those of Hoseok or Jungkook.”

But what surprised the ARMY the most is that RM revealed that he always watches the dance moves that Jungkook and J-Hope do so that he can learn, as he compares their steps to improve and follow the rhythm that the other members of the band have. K-Pop.

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RM is the charming leader of BTS

RM from BTS is one of the most passionate boys in his career, because in addition to being part of the most popular boy band of the moment, he is also fascinated by rapping, but we also have no doubt that he is an exceptional dancer who always seeks to learn to improve. their dance moves.

The member of the K-Pop band, left the ARMY very astonished by revealing that he is inspired by two of his great friends and fellow members of the group, because since BTS was formed, they have been placed as one of the favorites. Do you like the style that the South Korean rapper has in dancing?


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