This is what Jin’s brother did to maintain his restaurant


The pandemic has even affected Jin, one of music’s biggest K-pop idols.

To keep their restaurant business running amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Jin, boy band member BTS, and his brother Kim Seok-jung were forced to sell their cars.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed many culinary companies. Many restaurant companies and food stalls are losing money and even going out of business. As a result, thousands of restaurant workers must be laid off. This difficulty was also experienced by a member of BTS’s Korean boy band, Jin.

In an interview with MBC FM4U Music Camp radio, Jin shared how his restaurant business and his brother Kim Seok-jung were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jin said that he and his brother were having a difficult time running their culinary business. Even Jin’s brother was forced to sell his car so the restaurant could survive. This saddened Jin. Also, he and his brother have no experience in the field of food and drink.

“My brother and I are in the food business and it has been difficult lately because of the COVID-19 situation. We have been trying hard to find ways to improve the situation,” Jin was quoted as saying by Soompi.

This is Jin and his brother’s restaurant

According to Koreaboo, Jin BTS and Kim Seok-jung have an established culinary business as a restaurant called Ossu Seiromus, founded in 2018. The older brother, Kim Seok-jung as the owner, and Jin himself as the director.

The restaurant is located in Seoul, South Korea, and offers a variety of traditional Japanese food. Most dishes are served in seiro-mushi style bamboo klakat.

The Worldwide Handsome is busy not only helping out in the family business but also with group BTS, who are preparing for their new music release. Even on Twitter, BTS (ARMY) fans have started promoting the restaurant owned by Jin and his brother.

Also, not a few fans and other netizens claim that they are doing everything possible to help the idol. However, even in difficult times like this, the two of them still stood without disturbing each other. “Greetings to you both. Keep your spirits up. Hopefully this pandemic will pass soon,” netizens wrote.

“Hopefully, his spirits will not fade. Faced with this pandemic, everything will pass,” wrote a netizen. ARMY is doing its best to help the BangTan Boy during this economic crisis. Do you think Jin can help his brother save his business?

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