This is what Jin spends on a product for his skincare routine


Jin from the group BTS showed a bit of his routine to take care of the skin on his face.

Jin is a member of BTS who has bright white skin. In each appearance, this man who goes by the nickname Worldwide Handsome has never had facial problems like acne or dull skin.

In every reality show with other BTS members, Jin always seems to have an impressive face that makes girls and boys jealous. Even when he wakes up, his face continues to glow.

Well, on the In The SOOP show that featured another side of BTS in episode 7, Jin was seen wearing what could be his favorite skincare product.

At that time, thousands of fans began to inquire to find out what product the idol was applying to his face.

This product uses Jin for his face

So what skincare product does the man born in 1992 use? It is known that Jin was applying facial care products from the classic cream brand Belif to his beautiful face.

“The oldest member of BTS” applied the cream on his forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. And he spread it all over his face slowly.

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Belif is a cream to hydrate and nourish the skin, especially dry skin. This product contains ingredients such as edelweiss (Snow Flower) that can provide a fresh and smooth effect on dry faces.

Nutritional Complex, consisting of plants full of nutrients. The thick cream with a very thick texture envelops the skin, replenishes the texture of dry skin and forms an instant moisturizer on dry skin.

According to the websites where it is marketed, it says that you can use the product as an essence or lotion, take enough cream and apply it slowly until it is completely absorbed.

The price of 50 ml of the product is $ 48 (1034.70 Mexican pesos), and apparently this is the amount that Seokjin spends to keep the skin of his face so luminous and jovial.

After watching this scene, ARMY now would like to know the complete routine of each of the BangTan boys. Would you use this product? Do you think the group should share their skincare routine for each of the idols?

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