This is what is expected from the series for next year


It’s no wonder viewers are quite disappointed that the series is taking a break, but here’s what to expect when This Is Us returns.

The NBC show is still slated to return in the first week of next year, with This Is Us season 5, episode 5 confirmed to launch on January 5, 2021.

There are many stories going on in This Is Us season 5. Each Pearson kid has their own bows and it’s safe to say they’ll continue when the show returns in 2021.

Randall’s story will revolve around his effort to deal with his struggle with therapy, but it was seen in the latest episode of This Is Us, his life is going to get a lot more complicated as he finds out that his biological mother Has survived.

Kate and Toby’s adoption journey will bring back painful memories for the former as he connects with his past relationship with Marc on This Is Us. Finally, Kevin will learn to deal with his personal and professional life that demands his time and energy.

It’s also worth noting that Nicky is yet to return for This Is Us season 5, and must return considering he was in that flashforward scene that apparently chronicles Rebecca’s last days.

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