This is what happened to RM on an episode of In The Soop


The leader RM of the group BTS was in a big trouble, but some of the idols came to the rescue, find out what happened.

In one of the episodes of In The Soop, the ARMY revealed through social networks what happened to one of the idols of the famous and successful group BTS, as the leader RM had a moment of anguish and despair for a little boy carelessness that happened inside the house.

And it is that, since the entertaining project began where the activities that the idols of the South Korean boy band do, various users have compiled the best moments that have happened with the boys, although Namjoon has captured the attention of users .

It all came about in one of the episodes where RM the leader of the K-Pop band BTS can be seen walking through the corridors of the house, but when he was closing the sliding door that leads to the kitchen entrance, he had a mishap with the door and it fell off.

RM gets help from some BTS idols

After what happened, the 26-year-old South Korean rapper went to the room to leave an object so that he could fix the door that fell, but fortunately Jimin came to the rescue and did not hesitate to help his friend, even Suga was also To help him, the idols were able to fix the problem.

The ARMY was worried about what happened to Namjoon, but fortunately the sliding door was not made of glass but plastic, so the members of the South Korean group fixed the door, the rapper felt reassured by the help he received from Suga and Jimin.

There is no doubt that the idols of the BTS group support each other through thick and thin, as they have shown it in the episodes in In The Soop, this time of coexistence made them more united, because they are boys who take great care of their friendship .

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