This is what BTS boys would be like husbands


The boys of BTS could take their role as husbands very seriously, how would they behave in marriage? BTS is one of the most recognized K-pop bands around the world, it is no surprise that boys from South Korea are some of the brightest stars in the music industry.

The personalities of Jin, Jimin, Suga, V, J-Hope, RM and V are charming, that is why thousands of people closely follow their career, their activities and feel a connection with each of the idols of the Big company. Hit Entertainment.

The interpreters of ‘Dynamite’ are working on new surprises for their fans and now they are focused on their careers, individually and as a group, so love is not a priority for their lives, but at some point they will decide to experience their more facet romantic.

This time we bring you what the 7 Bangtan Boys would be like with their wives and if they already had a marriage, their different behaviors and some characteristics that they would develop thanks to their new life as husbands. Awww.


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The leader of BTS would surely buy baby clothes before he had a child, he would spend it breaking the dishes, it would not matter how busy his day was, he would always come to dinner with his family and of course he would fill with special details to his wife. Owww.


The BTS rapper would focus on showing his best part as a person, spending his time having deep conversations with his wife, making breakfast very early in the morning, and occasionally going out to dinner together at some fancy restaurant. Awww.

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Kim Seok Jin would be a husband who would love to do housework and play his music at full volume, would cook something delicious every day for his wife, would buy enough sweets and other snacks to enjoy series and movies.


The main dancer of the Bangtan Boys is a very sweet person, so he would not resist the charms of his wife, all the time he would be hugging and repeating how beautiful he is, the idol would never let his partner be sad or have melancholic moments . Owww. <3


The charming singer of Big Hit Entertainment would be very protective, affectionate and would dedicate all his time to his family, and on trips he would even carry the pets so that no one would have to be separated.


Taehyung is a very sincere boy, who would find his favorite place in the world at home, next to his wife he would listen to jazz samples, cook something delicious for dinner and brush their teeth together before going to sleep as a good luck ritual.


The youngest member of the Bangtan Boys is a very sweet person, so he would surely give his wife many hugs and kisses, despite his young age he is a mature person who knows what he wants and who would appreciate the new family he has formed with lots of love. <3


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