“THIS IS WHAT A SURPRISE LOOKS LIKE!” — Jamie Lee Curtis Can’t Keep Calm When He Receives His First Oscar Nomination


For some people, success comes late, but when it comes, it gives them the best feeling in the world. Something similar is happening with American actress Jamie Lee Curtis. After many years of patience, Jamie has finally received her first Oscar nomination, and she is very happy about it.

Curtis supported her friends throughout the 2023 awards season. When her dearest friend Michelle Yeoh won her first Golden Globe, it was none other than Jamie who was most happy for her. However, now it’s Jamie’s turn to shine, as she received her first Oscar nomination at the age of 64.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ reaction to her nomination is extremely helpful

While most people project this in an extremely glorified way, Curtis decided not to complicate things when she wrote about her Oscar nomination. “THIS IS WHAT A SURPRISE LOOKS LIKE!” she wrote in her post, closing her mouth when she saw the Oscar nominations.

Later that day, she posted herself in her pajamas, officially announcing her nomination to her subscribers. The most important thing she mentioned in the caption: “Without filters. There is no fake. Just the truth about a moment of joy captured by a friend.”

Jamie was nominated for a role in the 2022 sci-fi adventure blockbuster “Everything Everywhere at Once.” She played the role of IRS inspector Deirdre Bobeyrdr, which earned her the first Oscar nomination in her 45-year career. She began her career in 1978 with the movie “Halloween”, in which she played the role of the “scream queen”, which is still an important part of her personality.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the actress said that early in the morning she received a call from her longtime friend and Oscar-winning actress Debbie Oppenheimer. She stated that she was standing outside her house wondering if Curtis would be interested in watching the ad with her.

Everything, everywhere, immediately received 11 nominations, including for best film and for best director. The film is directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, and the film has become a blockbuster. In addition to Curtis, the cast includes Michelle Yeoh, Ki Hai Kuan, Stephanie Hsu and James Hong.

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