This is Wartales, A Tactical RPG By The Creators Of Evoland


Wartales is the new tactical RPG from the creators of Evoland. We will gather a group of mercenaries through a medieval open world. PC in 2021. The PC Gaming Show during this E3 2021 has left us one of the next names in role-playing material. Wartales is the new work from the creators of Evoland and Northgard, an open-world tactical RPG in which we will lead a group of mercenaries through a medieval context. You can find his first trailer at the head of this news.

Wartales, an RPG with a classic flavor

We will be able to travel to more than 20 regions in a world where it is governed by the law of the strongest. During the adventure we will be able to accept contracts of various kinds, such as defending certain territories, saving peasants or interacting with the lords of the lands. “Earn rewards and keep an eye on your level of notoriety. It causes a lot of problems and they will catch you ”, they explain on their official website.

Players are expected to immerse themselves in a “deep and intuitive RPG progression and character enhancement crafting system.” Making a strong group will be one of the goals that you must overcome: “Recruit new companions and create the perfect build with numerous specializations, skill branches and preferences in terms of weaponry.”


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