This is V when you share a trip with him


Taehyung used the subway and now we know what it’s like to travel with this K-Pop idol. It’s been a while since V shared a photo via Weverse where he showed ARMY that he had used the subway to take a trip. However, it was until now that this idol’s experience in public transportation was revealed.

A fan who traveled in the same car as Taehyung shared what it was like to meet this K-Pop idol in such an unexpected way and what happened during the subway ride.

That day, V was wearing a khaki cap and face mask, so it was not easy at first to recognize that he was a world-famous K-Pop star.

According to the fan’s account, V arrived accompanied by another boy. His companion was as tall and handsome as he is, so this girl continues to wonder who this boy could be. He sat a few seats away from the fan and V soon did too. Although at first Taehyung’s date stole all of the girl’s attention, when the Big Hit Entertainment idol took off his cap and mask, he made quite an impression.

He tossed his hair back and WOW! Seriously, even if someone sees him, “I’m V” is written all over his face.

But there weren’t many people on the subway that day, and there weren’t many young people inside his car, so V was able to go almost unnoticed.

To describe how Taehyung looks in person, this girl said that she has a very small face and her nose is also very fine and small, she looks a bit tan, but I continue to mention how artistic this idol’s nose was.

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The girl related that she saw V take a couple of photos, and then put the cap and hat back on to continue the walk.

Can you imagine meeting one of your idols in such a casual and unexpected way? It must be a unique experience that every BTS fan dreams of.

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