This is Us: The Behind-the-Scenes Drama Shown About Chrissy Metz’s Weight


Although This Is Us is wrapping up its sixth and final season, it may not be the end for the Pearson family, as the cast recently revealed their willingness to return for a movie one day. The popular and acclaimed NBC drama stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz and Justin Hartley as the Pearson family, a family in which audiences see their past, present and future.

If you haven’t jumped on the This Is Us bandwagon yet, let us help you out and give you some suggestions of the things you’ll definitely need by your side when you watch the hit NBC drama. It is that the family drama series has many details behind the scenes, and is that to make it a real success and feel as real as possible, some stories mixed fiction with real life.

First of all, a box of tissues to help soak up all those tears from every ugly cry that will inevitably hit you at least twice per episode. Second, someone (or something) super cuddly by your side because once those warm and fuzzy feelings start, you’re going to need something or someone to snuggle with.

And lastly, you’ll want the comfort food of your choice. Whether it’s ice cream or popcorn or even dinner, allow yourself to prepare the food and have the refrigerator fully stocked because nothing makes a good TV much sweeter than a good meal to go with it.

If you’ve followed This Is Us since it debuted, then you’ve probably heard some of the controversy surrounding Chrissy Metz’s (who plays Kate Pearson) contract. Much of Kate’s story, especially during the first season, revolves around Kate’s struggles with weight loss and there was often speculation about whether or not the actress herself should sign up for the show with a term she had to lose. weight to maintain your character’s plot.

Many fans and the critic itself began to point out to the production of This is Us to be forcing things to be that way and was linked to a rumor that it was one of the clauses that appeared in the contract. The actress herself clarified that a specific weight loss was not stipulated and that “it does not have to reach a particular size” and even finds that working on a character like this is a “motivation” to “change” and “grow”.