This Is Us Season 6: This is how fans rated the 15th episode of the family drama


This Is Us, the hit family drama that premiered its sixth and final season in early January, is closing the arcs of each of its characters as it nears its scheduled finale on Tuesday, May 24 on NBC. . Although with episodes 13 and 14 the fans finally learned the fate of Kate and Kevin, the fifteenth installment that aired last Tuesday narrated the emotional journey of Miguel Rivas. (Spoilers for episode 15)

During last week’s broadcast, loyal viewers of the hit show got the response they’ve been waiting for for a long time. Kevin met Sophie again after so many years. They have grown personally over the years, and now is the time for them to start a happy life together.

Although the episode that was responsible for revealing Kevin Pearson’s love destiny was exciting, viewers of the family drama created by Dan Fogelman have not stopped talking about what they witnessed during the 15th broadcast of season 6. The series finally explored the life of the man who became Rebecca Pearson’s husband.

Episode 15 of the sixth and final installment of This Is Us delved into the life of Miguel, who not only became Rebecca’s husband, but also a fundamental piece in the last years of his life while he was convalescing. That is why fans of the drama were carried away by emotion, qualifying the installment as one of the three best in the entire history of the NBC series.

It turns out that Miguel took viewers of This Is Us on an emotional journey through the life of an extraordinary man. A man who came from Puerto Rico to the United States to have a new life. Viewers were also charmed by how deeply he loved his wife, Rebecca, after they had been great friends for a long time.

Let’s remember that in This Is Us, Miguel was Jack Pearson’s best friend, Rebecca’s first husband and the father of her three children. Long after Jack’s death and a long friendship, Miguel and Rebecca realized they loved each other. However, he did not intend to dishonor the memory of her late husband. That was why he walked away from her by going to Texas, not forgetting what he really felt for her.

Eight years after his departure, they reconnected through Facebook. After meeting for dinner, Miguel admitted his true feelings. Later, they shared a kiss and started a relationship and ended up getting married. Even though Rebecca was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, instead of backing down, she stepped forward. And as her condition deteriorated, he became a fundamental piece in her life, to whom he devoted himself until her death. Viewers rated the 15th episode as one of the top three of the series.

“I haven’t shed a tear in an episode since William died. I cried a lot tonight. I knew Miguel was going to die, but it still made me sad. I had a few happy tears when young Rebecca approached him in the restaurant and kissed him after he admitted his feelings. Best episode ever,” one fan wrote.

“Thanks for my favorite episode in six seasons! Becomes my favorite with Jack meeting Kevin’s twins for the first time,” wrote a second viewer.

“The Miguels of the world are the ones who keep it going. You don’t know anything about them because you’ve never asked. They don’t tell you because they do everything without conditions or recognition. Seeing harmony and peace is their source of energy to continue providing love and support. Now look for these people in your life,” said a third Reddit user.

“I watched the episode late last night, and as soon as it was over, I rewatched it to spend more time with Miguel. I think this might be on my top episode list for this series, and it’s fitting that it’s about a man I’ve never heard of. we learned a lot and, within an hour, he became our hero,” exclaimed a fourth viewer.