This Is Us Season 6: The sad moment of the Pearsons in trailer of episode 17


This Is Us first premiered in January 2016, presenting the best family drama in the history of television on the NBC broadcast network. Six years have passed since then and now the series that follows the lives of the members of the Pearson family, is heading towards the conclusion of the story while closing the arcs of each of its characters. (Spoilers for episode 17)

This Is Us fans already saw how Kate and Toby’s story ended in episodes 12 and 13 of season 6. Viewers also recently witnessed the love fate of Kevin, who joined Sophie after so many years apart. . And it wasn’t until last week, when Miguel was at the center of the plot with a devastating narrative, while the NBC show reflected on what true love is.

This Is Us Season 6 has had fans experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, just like the characters in the family drama. But, it will be with episode 17 entitled “The Train”, with which the NBC program will bring to the screens another of the heartbreaking moments of the Pearsons, as revealed by the promotional trailer.

Throughout its run, This Is Us has been revealing to fans what they could expect from Rebecca over the years. The time has come, in which the character masterfully played by Mandy Moore is concluding her story. Most likely, the Pearson matriarch will die in the episode that will air Tuesday, May 17 on NBC.

This Is Us Season 6 Episode 17 Trailer

While it has been said that there will be some optimism with the end of This Is Us, it is difficult to think that the writers of the successful series will continue the sadness of the Pearson family until the last episode. And as the trailer shows, a bedridden Rebecca is surrounded by her closest relatives.

The promo for This Is Us Season 6 Episode 17 features Randall Pearson and others pondering the best way to say goodbye to Rebecca. Beth can also be seen delivering a heartfelt message as she explains how Rebecca was an inspiration to her in how to be a mother to her.