This Is Us Season 6: The different versions of Jack before the end of the drama


This Is Us premiered in January 2016 on the NBC broadcast network, and after this long emotional journey for the Pearson family, the hit drama created by Dan Fogelman is coming to an end with season 6. Fans have witnessed how the narrative is closing the story arc of each of its characters, but Jack Pearson’s, it seems that it is not over.

With the fourth episode of the sixth and final season of This Is Us, fans saw how Jack, the character of Milo Ventimiglia, was once again at the center of the story and many thought that this would be the last time, but in an interview Recently with Variety, the performer of Rebecca’s late husband and Kate’s father, Kevin and Randall, revealed that he will appear again in the final episodes.

Over the course of This Is Us‘ six-season run, Jack was around for many important moments in the show’s history, but after not being at the center of the narrative in a long time, the family drama brought the drama back into focus. attention on the character of Ventimiglia, when he learned that his mother, Marilyn, had died. He traveled to Ohio for her funeral and realized there was a lot he didn’t know about her.

In an emotional moment early in This Is Us season 6, Jack said goodbye to his mom, while viewers thought they were also saying goodbye to Milo Ventimiglia, after 6 years on screen. The fans have not seen the last of the actor, since he will return with the character but in a different version of the one everyone knows.

While speaking with Variety, Milo Ventimiglia touched on whether or not audiences would see Jack in aged makeup before he finishes This Is Us. The actor was ambiguous with his answer, which means that it is another mystery about Rebecca’s late husband in the family series, which will not be revealed until the family drama ends on Tuesday, May 24.

“I think towards the end, we’re going to see all sides of Jack,” the actor shared. “I think we’re going to understand who he was to his children, understand who he was to his wife. The show was very heavy with Jack. Now, we’ve really invested in the stories of the kids and Rebecca. I think that’s where he ultimately leads, those loops close. We already know Jack. He will be there. He will be close. I think different versions of him will appear.”

With the final episode of the series scheduled and the cast and crew wrapping up filming, This Is Us fans look forward to the Pearson family’s last trip, a hit show not only for the great thought-provoking stories, but also for the quality that each actor gave to their characters throughout six seasons, thus establishing a pact with the audience that laughed, cried and suffered season after season.