This Is Us Season 6: The clue that the final episode revealed about an upcoming Spin-Off


This Is Us, the most successful family drama on television that first aired in January 2016, premiered its season 6 last January on NBC and throughout this final installment, the series created by Dan Fogelman was tying the loose ends and closing the story arcs of each of the characters, while keeping fans engaged in this emotional journey that followed the lives of the Pearsons. (Spoilers for the final episode)

Ever since This Is Us hit fans’ screens, the series’ various storylines have always cast a glimpse into the future of some of the characters. This served to give viewers an idea of ​​what to expect as the plot of the family drama progressed through different timelines.

At the end of season 5, This Is Us teased viewers that there would be another wedding for Kate later in the story. This foretold that Jack and Rebecca’s daughter would experience a breakup with her husband Tobby. Season 6 confirmed that she would be walking down the aisle a second time joining her new love interest, Phillip.

Likewise, the fifth installment of This Is Us launched some flash-forwards focused on an elderly Rebecca deteriorated by the passage of time and her Alzheimer’s disease. Fans were able to verify in episode 17 broadcast last week that the Pearson matriarch would die surrounded by her entire family.

Fans should also remember that with the Season 4 premiere of This Is Us, a flash-forward showed Kate and Toby’s son Jack grown into an adult, successful singer-songwriter. Later in the show’s story, he revealed other moments of this character including a Thanksgiving dinner and the day his wife Lucy gave birth to their daughter Hope.

As revealed last week, in the final episode of This Is Us, the Pearsons would jump into the future in a time jump of more than a decade. That was confirmed in Tuesday’s final installment, when the timeline moved to a moment where Jack and Lucy rock Hope on a swing while surrounded by other family members.

Could this be a hint for an upcoming This Is Us spin-off centered on the descendants of Rebecca and Jack’s children? Although there is nothing confirmed at the moment, the creator of the series, Dan Fogelman, said at a press conference that there are more stories to tell in the adult lives of the children of The Big Three, but that was not the intention of the drama. that just finished.