This Is Us Season 6: The actor who cried when reading the final script of his character


This Is Us is the hit family drama that premiered through the NBC broadcast network in January 2016. It has been 6 seasons since then and now the Dan Fogelman created show is reaching its conclusion while its final episode was scheduled to air on Tuesday, May 24.

This Is Us fans are still waiting for some answers before the series ends. Everyone saw the closure of the romantic story of Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz), then it was that of Kevin (Justin Hartley), the deepening in the life of Miguel (Jon Huertas) and now the drama is narrating the last moments of Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Without a doubt, all the final moments of each character were written to reach the hearts of the viewers.

And it is that not only the fans of the NBC series have been moved by the drama of the Pearson family. Even the show’s own actors burst into tears as they read the scripts for the end of their story while filming on set. Fogelman recently revealed that Mandy Moore threw up while filming episode 17, which was released this week. Now, the actor who plays young Kevin Pearson admitted what his experience was.

Kevin’s teen actor on This Is Us, Logan Shroyer, has had quite a few moments in the spotlight thanks to the NBC family drama. Recently, he talked about his feelings towards the final scripts and the surprises that can be expected in the remainder of the sixth and final season of the series.

The finale will air with This is Us season 6 episode 17, titled “The Train,” and likely details the death of Rebecca Pearson. The Big Three spent episode 16, “Family Reunion,” putting together a care plan for her mother, while Kevin, Kate, and Randall prepared for her death in the latter part.

It turns out that Logan Shroyer, who has played young Kevin throughout the series, recently commented on the final script for This Is Us season 6. The reading not only made him cry, but also told him that there are some unexpected moments in this concluding part of the family drama story.

“There are some surprises there,” he told Today, according to Yahoo. “It’s very sweet. … I think people are going to enjoy it. … It’s being told in a way that I think everyone trusts and we don’t feel like we dragged it out too long.”