This Is Us Season 6: Series Creator’s Definitive Answer About A Spin-off


This Is Us is the successful family drama that premiered in 2016 on the NBC network, and this Tuesday, January 4, debuted its sixth and final season to close the fascinating story of the Pearsons, which has kept millions of fans hooked all this time.

The series that chronicles the life of Jack and Rebecca as the Pearson patriarchs with their children Kate, Kevin and Randall, is the most watched program of its kind on television today. Legions of viewers have followed the drama with each season, and this week they began to revel in the Final Chapter, as the latest installment is titled.

It was through an interview last December, when in a question and answer session the cast members of This Is Us, while promoting the arrival of season 6, hinted that they would not be closed in the event that there were intentions to resume. the story in the future, either through a movie or a spin-off about one of the characters.

This Is Us fans are clear that season 6 will be in charge of closing all the story arcs of each of the characters that make life in the series. Its creator Dan Folgeman, previously assured that there will be no open questions and that all doubts and any concerns that viewers have will be resolved throughout the 18 episodes of season 6.

In this regard, fans of This Is Us should have no illusions, as the writer and producer admitted that he is not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​revisiting the Pearson brothers and their parents anytime in the future. This is what he explained during an interview with Variety recently:

“Once you’ve seen the completion of season 6, the stories of these characters are told. So there’s no real spin off because you know everything. Is there another play for the show? I guess you’d never say never, but I don’t see it. It’s personal to me, and I don’t see myself picking up on this thing. ”

Fogelman went on to note that her ambition regarding the future is not to keep This Is Us going for her sake, but to sum it up in a way that encourages people to look back decades later and remember This Is Us fondly. . He went on to tell the producer in the same interview:

“Nothing would make me happier than for people to say, 20 years from now, ‘Can you believe all these writers worked on This Is Us?’ And hopefully they’ll say, ‘There was once this on TV, and it was sad. But it was also about nice, flawed people who are trying to do the right thing. And that was popular for a bit. “