This Is Us Season 6: Reveal how Kate and Toby will get along after the breakup


This Is Us, the successful family drama from the NBC broadcast network that premiered its sixth and final season last Tuesday, January 4, is currently in its first break and is scheduled to return with new episodes starting February 22, to continue telling the fascinating story of the Pearsons. (Season 6 spoilers)

As fans know, This Is Us Season 6 is totally revealing as this latest installment will answer all the questions and settle the intrigues. And while the most recent episodes have been slowly peeling back layers on some arcs, most notably the Kate and Toby related storyline, viewers are clear on what lies ahead for the pair played by Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan.

At some point in This Is Us season 6, Kate and Toby will no longer be together. This was revealed at the end of season 5 through a flashforward, which showed the Pearsons’ daughter preparing to marry Phillip (Chris Geere), her co-worker. While everyone knows that divorce is on the way for the characters, the question is what will happen to them after the breakup.

Fans of the family drama want to know if Kate and Toby will really get along after the divorce. Sullivan recently opened up about the characters’ lives after the end of their marriage, and the actor’s comments might give some viewers of the NBC series hope.

Let’s remember that the most recent episodes of This Is Us have been showing Kate and Toby in their struggle to maintain the long-distance relationship, the key factor that is undoubtedly affecting the instability and causing some tension between the two, which will end in the result already known to all.

While many This Is Us fans are devastated by Kate and Toby’s breakup in season 6, it looks like the two will be just fine going forward. Speaking on Radio Andy, Sullivan reminded viewers that his character will be there for Rebecca. With this it is clear that despite the divorce Toby will be on good terms with Kate and the rest of the Pearsons:

‚ÄúThis is our chance to show our audience a way to navigate this in a way that still has Toby showing up at Rebecca’s deathbed. So regardless of how it all plays out, that’s what you know. You know that even though things are ending, they don’t have to end badly. Even if there are bad times, even if there are fights and discussions and things don’t go the way we want, it doesn’t mean they don’t go the way they should.

“Even if you’re not together yet, everyone you’ve been with, you’re still in a relationship with that person, especially if you have children. So there’s a way to do that that still involves love and compassion.”