This Is Us Season 6: Key Family Member Not Returning With Final Episodes


This Is Us, the family drama that premiered for the first time in January 2016 through the NBC broadcast network, remains on the air with its sixth and final season as it closes the story arcs of each of its characters. This last trip of the Pearson family is one of the most emotional of the entire series since the cycle is culminating with great events.

Over the years, This Is Us fans have seen many characters appear on screen as the narrative unfolds their stories. Many of them are fondly remembered, and especially if they belong to the Pearson family. Some of them have been key in the plots of the program, but there is one that was not seen again and the NBC drama did not offer any explanation.

The fact that this beloved member of the Pearson family has disappeared from This Is Us has led viewers to question his whereabouts. This character, not seen in some time, is directly related to Kate and Toby, and fans have come to demand answers from the writers of the hit NBC drama.

This Is Us fans have always wanted to know where the four-legged character who was a part of the series, the beloved family dog ​​named Audio, is. In response, through the official Twitter account of the series, the production finally responded to the call of the viewers stating that the canine “is fine”.

This Is Us revealed the whereabouts of the Pearson family dog ​​Damon, Audio

The Damon-Pearson family has had problems throughout the series. Toby and his wife, Kate, have been through a lot of personal struggles throughout their relationship on This Is Us. Without a doubt, this is one of the most loved couples on the show, but in episode 12 their relationship reached the point of the biggest break, divorce.

During their journey fraught with family complications that threatened to tear them apart, in This Is Us, Kate and Toby decided to adopt a dog. However, this key member seemed to be missing in recent years, until a few weeks ago, when fans criticized the series for ignoring the family pet, This Is Us responded in the most tender way in honor of the National Pet Day. The drama shared a photo featuring Kate and Audio.

“For those asking, Audio is fine. He’s just off screen.”