This Is Us Season 6: Kevin Pearson’s Love Interest Revealed in Episode 14


This Is Us is airing the final episodes of its riveting six-season story on the NBC broadcast network. The family drama that has brought the experiences of the Pearson family to the screens, has a closing scheduled for Tuesday, May 24 with a delivery that will surely make everyone cry. (Spoilers for episode 14)

The successful series that is broadcast on Tuesdays of each week, is currently closing the story arcs of each of its characters. The creator of This Is Us, Dan Fogelman, assured before the premiere of season 6, that when the family drama ends, there will be no loose ends or doubts of any kind regarding the plot.

Recently, This Is Us fans witnessed one of the most painful breakups on the entire show. Kate and Toby’s split came with season 6 episode 12, while the following episode saw each finding happiness with other love interests.

Then, the story told in the 14th episode of the sixth and final season of This Is Us which aired this week, the Pearson family drama finally solved one of the biggest mysteries of the entire NBC series. For a long time, fans have been intrigued, wanting to know what Kevin Pearson’s love destiny would be, and it was this installment that was responsible for bringing it to the screens.

According to statements by Kevin’s own interpreter in This Is Us, Justin Hartley, during the world premiere of season 6 last December, the actor spoke about the fate of the character with the final episodes of the NBC drama, stating that between Kevin and Sophie you might still have feelings for each other. Finally, that was what was demonstrated with episode 14 of the sixth and final installment of the series, and surely for many it was a satisfactory result.

In This Is Us, Kevin and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) got back together after so long. She appeared at her friend Kate’s wedding, and this reunion was the one that served to define both characters, since it was something highly anticipated by fans of the successful series for years. Now that they’ve finally become a couple as the show nears its finale, Breckenridge told People magazine that reading her script put her on an emotional roller coaster.

“They had outlined it at the time, but I didn’t know if she was going to be in Vancouver shooting Virgin River,” the star said. “It wasn’t clear if it was going to be possible. I think we were all hoping we could do it.”

“I mean, through the characters, the way they built their relationship, starting from such a young age… I don’t want to say they’re soul mates, because I don’t know if that applies, but I think they have this magnetic attraction. towards each other. And they have this kind of love at first sight that has never left either of them.”