This Is Us: Season 5, Kevin and Madison’s Pregnancy


This Is Us will return with its emotional roller coaster and a rebirth of the Pearson family, as it has been announced for months. Tuesday, October 27, is the big day for fans to enjoy the big premiere of the family drama on NBC.

Recall that the production of season 5 of This Is Us was stopped in March due to the blockage generated by the pandemis. But, at the beginning of September, they resumed work on the film set, and everything is ready to deliver the new stage of the family drama.

In the most recent This Is Us season 5 promo trailer, fans got a glimpse of what will premiere on Tuesday. In the video, Kevin arrives with Madison at Kate’s house, to reveal to her sister the great news about Madison’s pregnancy.

Fans will recall that last season Kevin revealed during her birthday celebration that she had a pregnant fiancee. Then, at the end of the season, Madison confirmed to Kevin that she was pregnant with twins.

When we see Kevin revealing to Kate about Madison’s pregnancy in the latest This Is Us season 5 trailer, the question might be asked: Could fans think this is the same pregnant fiancee Kevin referred to during celebrating your 40th birthday?

In this sense, the question of whether Madison is Kevin’s true fiancée has not been confirmed in the NBC drama This Is Us. In this regard, creator Dan Fogelman hinted in March that Kevin’s love story will not end soon. This is what he said at the time to The Hollywood Reporter:

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“There is an immediate answer to all of that. But I think there are basically a lot more chapters in Kevin’s romantic story.… Honestly, we’ve laid out plans for the entire next and sixth season. So Kevin has a journey ahead of him.

The promotions for the premiere of the fifth season of “This Is Us” advance the future of Madison and Kevin and as Fogelman put it, Kevin’s romantic story has a lot to tell.


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