“This Is Us” Recap: Sophie Seems to be Revealed as Kevin’s Future Wife after an emotional reunion


Finding love at your sister’s wedding is just in the spirit of Kevin Pearson. On Tuesday, April 26, the episode “This is Us” was aptly titled “The Night Before the Wedding” and gave viewers an inside look at what happened to Kevin (Justin Hartley) the night before his sister Kate (Chrissy Metz) left home. passage.

The previous part of the show was partly devoted to the detective work of Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Madison (Catelyn Thompson) by finding out who Kevin slept with after the rehearsal dinner. The duo found a bra, a shawl and a love letter in his room and wondered which Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison), Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) or newly introduced wedding singer Ariel (Katie Lowes) was the object of his affection.

As it turned out, Kevin didn’t sleep with any of the women the night before the wedding.

This week’s episode began with the wedding weekend from Kevin’s point of view, starting with him making eyes at the wedding singer, whom Kate called “Pearson’s kryptonite.” However, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) knew that Kevin “wished” Sophie to walk through the door. Which, of course, she eventually did.

“She’s a married woman, Kev, don’t make any drama at our sister’s wedding,” Randall pleaded with his brother.

Upon arrival, Sophie realized that her luggage had been lost during the journey. So Kevin, already on his way to town, took her with him so she could go shopping. They reunite, and Sophie made a splash.

“I’m very happy, Kev, I’m divorced too,” she said, noting that her marriage broke up “for a while” before she and her ex—husband broke up.

After discussing her failed marriage, Kevin confessed to Sophie about Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) deteriorating condition.

Back at the hotel, Kevin and Sophie went up to his room together and started kissing. After he mentioned that her hair still smells the same after all these years, she stopped them, noting that she was not going to go back in her life.

“I can’t do that,— Sophie told him. “I will never be able to fast-forward you. That’s how you hold me, Kevin. That’s how much I took you with me. …It’s too much.”

As soon as Sophie went to her room, leaving her bra in Kevin’s room, he went to the hotel bar and chatted with Ariel for a while. Nothing romantic happened between them. However, she gave Kevin the lyrics she had written about him on a napkin, which was a love letter that Beth and Madison found.

On the way back to his room, Kevin told Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunn) that he was “done with love.” At this point, Cassidy interrupted them, as she needed help to unzip her dress, which left her shawl in his room. Kevin mentioned the possibility of a romantic relationship, but she rejected him.

“You’re not my man, and I’m not yours, and you know it,” Cassidy said. He agreed.

On the wedding day, both Kevin and Sophie looked sullen after the events of the previous evening. After talking to Randall, he went to talk to her. This time Sophie prevented Kevin from giving a dramatic speech and instead delivered her own.

“You’ve finally become the man I always knew you could be,” she said, noting that they were finally “in the right place at the right time.”

Sophie made it clear that she needed Kevin to “love me the woman I am now, not the woman I was.” She added: “I want to fall in love with the man you’ve become.”

The flashback scene showed that young Kevin wrote Sophie a Valentine’s Day card on her first day of elementary school. Returning to the present, Kevin pulled the card out of his wallet.

“I’ve always carried you with me, Sophie,” he said before they kissed.