This Is Us: Reason For End Of Delivery After Season 6 Revealed


Without a doubt, this full-length show This Is Us, broadcast since 2016 through the screens of the NBC television channel, has been quite an emotional journey. It owes more than everything to the twists and turns that its history took along the way, and finally it seems that all the questions will be resolved when its last sixth season comes to an end.

After six years on the air, the showrunners confirmed that season six would be the last chapter in the Pearson family saga. It was at the beginning of the year 2021 that it was known that this would be his last installment, after the launch of the fifth season.

Let us remember that when this drama was premiered for the first time on the NBC television channel, its success was immediate, it even became one of the most watched programs on that channel, winning multiple awards in the process. Of course, said channel was happy with the success that had accumulated from this series, it was then that seasons four, five and six were confirmed after the launch of the third installment.

It should be noted that the delays in the filming of its episodes were due to the Covid-19 pandemic, consequently, seasons five and six were slow to film, lengthening an already agonizing wait until the end. Although no television lover likes the endings of his favorite shows, it seems that the show has reached its natural end.

From the beginning, it seems that the showrunners have intended to conclude the story after six seasons. Following the launch of season three in 2018, there was talk about how they planned to end the show, it was showrunner Dan Fogelman who hinted at the ending ever since: “I think we’re more or less in the middle of where the TV series is going to go. ”.

“We never set out to do a television series that was going to last 18 seasons, so we have a very straightforward plan.”

Since the third season, Fogelman had ensured that this drama was in the “middle” of his story. Now, with the timeline that has been running on the show, it becomes clear that the writers had an ending planned from the beginning. Despite the myriad twists and turns that have surprised us, it seems clear where the Pearsons would eventually find themselves.

On the other hand, the president of the entertainment networks of NBCU Television and Streaming, Frances Berwick, also did not hesitate to add his own opinions in an interview with him, where he stressed that the series was ready for its end, despite the fact that the farewell was going to be difficult:

“We know that saying goodbye to the Pearsons will be quite difficult, and we wanted to provide the fans with as seamless a career as possible.”