This Is Us: Mandy Moore reveals the scene that made her nauseous from the penultimate episode


For several years, the NBC television network has kept fans waiting for the shocking ending that has been slowly being revealed to This Is Us. Now that it’s airing its sixth and final season, viewers have been buzzing about the penultimate episode. In fact, the same actress Mandy Moore addressed the issue and revealed what happened to her by doing a curious scene. Spoiler alert!

This May 17, the NBC television network presented the penultimate episode of the sixth season of This Is Us, entitled “The Train”. Where the viewers began to cry for the sad farewell of Rebecca Pearson (played by Mandy Moore), who was from the first installment in the future version of her, on her deathbed.

In the last moments of the episode “The Train”, Rebecca was shown as a young woman on a train, in one of her favorite places when she was a child. These scenes served as a threshold between this life and what comes after. While Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) biological father, William Hill (Ron Cephus Jones). He was taking her children with her at different ages, to talk to her in a sad and shocking scene.

In fact, the scene had such an impact on viewers and This Is Us cast members that actress Mandy Moore spoke out about it. During an interview for Entertainment Weekly, the Rebecca star talked about the moment Dr. K (Gerald MacRaney) appeared, who made a guest appearance in the penultimate episode as the train waiter.

At the beginning of the train scenes, Dr. K was on the train wiping the glasses with a terrible Pittsburgh Steelers towel and making him a vesper martini. Here, he reveals to her that the day her babies were born, he had been afraid that she would die. Something that Rebecca herself had been thinking when she had her children. However, Mandy Moore’s comments are very curious about this moment.

“The Dr. K stuff really grabbed me, because it’s not like he’s a lasting presence in his life,”

“She saw him during this monumental time of giving birth and losing a child. And then she came to Jack’s funeral. She saw him when they were babies once.”

“But he gave her permission to rest, like you earned the break, oof, that really got me.”

The star assured that the scene was so shocking, moving and sad that it affected her a lot, to the point of vomiting. Mandy Moore has discussed how becoming a mother in real life changed her perspective on her role on This Is Us. So performing this type of scene has a great impact for some actors.

However, the final episode of season 6 of This Is Us is still missing, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, May 24 on the NBC television network. Which means that viewers and cast members have a lot to cry about with the final scenes building up for the drama.