This Is Us: Kevin’s romantic ending was predicted in the first season according to fans


This Is Us, the family drama created by Dan Fogelman for the NBC broadcast network, premiered in January 2016 and has been on the air for 6 seasons loaded with emotional roller coaster rides. As the show draws to a close, it wraps up the story arcs of each of its characters, and in episode 14 it was Kevin Pearson’s (Justin Hartley) turn who finally found love. Without a doubt, this was one of the most anticipated moments by viewers (Spoilers for episode 14)

The 14th episode of the sixth and final season of This Is Us, titled ‘The Night Before the Wedding’, aired on Tuesday, April 26 and left some fans disappointed, just as predicted it would. However, others were satisfied with the end of Kevin’s love story, while assuring that his destiny had been written since the first season of the hit NBC series.

In the most recent installment of season 6 of This Is Us, many fans were excited when Kevin met again with Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) to seal his future as a couple on a sentimental level. Hartley’s character, after his journey through different love relationships over six seasons, finally showed what he always wanted from the beginning.

This Is Us fans in the first season saw Kevin breaking up his marriage to Sophie when they were just teenagers. After the unhappy separation from him, he walked through the arms of different women over the years. He fell in love with Olivia (Janet Montgomery), Sloane (Milana Vayntrub), Zoe (Melanie Liburd), Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) and Madison (Caitlin Thompson), just to name a few, but with none of them did he experience the same love he felt. by Sophie.

Recall that two years after their breakup, Kevin and Sophie got back together in the first season of This Is Us, but broke up again in the second installment. Although the character of Alexandra Breckenridge appeared occasionally at different important moments throughout the series, there was no further romance between the two, despite the fact that Kevin still pined for her.

In This Is Us, the years passed and it was not until the 14th episode of season 6 of the successful family drama, when at the wedding of Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Phillip (Chris Geere), Kevin and Sophie reconnected in the love plan. After 40 years, both are more prepared in life to give themselves another chance at love after two decades of personal growth. In this sense, fans of the series believe that the romantic history of Justin Hartley’s character was written from the beginning. In a Reddit thread titled “Unpopular Opinion: I Want Kevin To Break Up With Sophie,” fans weighed in on This Is Us‘ longstanding relationship.

“Ever since season one, whenever Kevin imagined ‘The Chosen One’, he always thought of Sophie. Kevin and Sophie seem to be the end of it. They’ve loved each other since fourth grade. A couple of mistakes, fights and discussions, I think Kevin still loves her, and Sophie still loves Kevin. A first love turned into The One would be a perfect love story, “said a fan.

“They said that Kevin’s ending was written when the series started. However, the writers mentioned that a lot of people will be upset with Kevin’s ending and to expect the unexpected,” wrote a second Reddit user. “That said, there have been seasons where it was foreshadowed that they would end up together. At the very least, their story was left unresolved. It wouldn’t make sense for him to continue to ignore his feelings for her for the rest of his life when, after decades, they never go away.” .”

“People justify it because they love each other as messy and horrible as it is. They ‘understand’ each other. They always have,” stated a third viewer.

“I’d be happy if it was the endgame. I think Kevin has grown more since he last broke Sophie’s heart. I think it would be nice if Kevin stopped chasing a fairy tale story though. He needs to learn.” to love himself and stay alone for a while,” wrote a fourth fan.