This Is Us: How Season 5 Will Affect Them


NBC premieres this October 27 season 5 of the Pearson family drama This Is Us, after a long wait that has kept fans in a state of anguish.

Recall that the production of season 5 of This Is Us was stopped in March due to the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the world.

However, in mid-September the crew and cast of This Is Us returned to the film set, in order to shoot scenes for the upcoming episodes of the fan-favorite family drama.

As only This Is Us fans will remember, Kevin and Randall ended up in a fight at the end of season 4 that caused a devastating rift between the brothers. During the discussion they expressed 40 years of resentment.

Regulars This is Us fans are hopeful that with the premiere of season 5 of the family drama there could be a reconciliation between the brothers.

However, series creator Dan Fogelman recently hinted that Randall and Kevin have a long journey ahead of them in the new installment, hinting that the breakup situation will not have a solution in the next few episodes.

In this sense, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly on October 23, Dan Fogelman commented that the fight between Kevin and Randall will not be resolved with the premiere of season 5 of This Is Us and that the break will have consequences that will affect both characters. in the future. This was what he said:

“It’s the kind of fight that is not resolved with a handshake two seconds later or a meeting later. There are things here, things that are born out of decades of competition, family and fighting. They have a journey ahead of them.”

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“It’s gigantic for them. This is a fight that reestablishes these two men, reestablishes their positions towards each other in the family. Randall is a man who has defined himself by his role in his extended family. With that fractured, what does that do to him? ”

“Kevin is a privileged movie star, well meaning but slightly narcissistic. What does it mean to be a father for the first time to start opening up a bit more in the midst of being separated from your brother, who was always the one who had their shit together?


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