This Is Us: Actor reveals the accident that caused the divorce of this drama couple


This Is Us will end its run with six seasons. The most successful family drama on television, broadcasts its last installment from the first days of January and is scheduled to conclude on May 24. The series that follows the Pearsons remains on temporary hiatus, but will return to screens on Tuesday, February 22 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, and it will no doubt be exciting to learn why Kate and Toby are ending their marriage relationship. (Season 6 spoilers)

This Is Us fans have learned that in the near future of the series Kate and Toby will not be together. It was through a flashforward at the end of Season 5, when everyone saw Kate preparing for her new wedding to her co-worker, Phillip. That moment of the drama left everyone shocked and wanting to know what happened and why this is happening, since it is one of the fans’ favorite couples, and therefore they have kept wondering the reason that led to the breakup.

Now that season 6 is underway, fans have thus far not been given enough details through the plot about this part of the This Is Us story. But Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on the series, has just revealed discouraging information about a disturbing accident involving a smoker and what that means for his character and Kate.

It turns out that an incident involving a smoker represents the beginning and end of Kate and Toby’s marriage. Recall that in episode 3 of the current installment of This is Us, Adult Jack and his wife Lucy had a cookout where he used a Big Green Egg smoker. They discussed how Jack’s earliest memory involves the smoker and how the accident left a scar on his forehead. It was there when the young woman told her not to use that thing anymore since it is a symbol that brings back memories of the day her mother and her father broke up with the marriage.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, This Is Us star Chris Sullivan teased details of the Big Green Egg smoking incident and how Kate and Toby’s marriage ended on that fateful day, though that wasn’t the only reason why. separated, but the last straw that spilled the camel’s back. This revealed Toby’s performer on the NBC drama:

“There is always a tipping point, even if there are thousands of little moments leading up to that tipping point. The Big Green Egg is symbolic of a day when we reached that crossroads. But you cannot reach that crossroads without taking a thousand steps. All you’re seeing right now are these steps toward that inevitability.”

It’s really intriguing, as the actor didn’t explain what kind of incident is going to happen and why it’s so important to have such a devastating consequence. Another thing to consider here is whether anyone else will be affected by this incident. There is no doubt that behind all this there must be something sinister, but the fans will have to have a lot of patience and if possible, save their tissues for that day, since there will be a lot of crying. The truth is that while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Chrissy Metz also shared information about the couple’s divorce. This revealed:

“Neither of them is right and neither of them is wrong. It’s just that people distance themselves. So there’s this love and respect for each other and of course for their kids and the life they’ve created together, but also the one they want to share, even if they’re not together.”