This Is Us 5×9: Kevin tries to get home in time


The 5th season of This Is Us continues to explore the relationship between mothers and children. In the last two episodes of the series, Randall and Laurel’s relationship was the focus and showed how close they could have been. This time, the episode portrays the influence that Jack Pearson had on his children – especially on Kevin.


More details of the 5×9 episode of This Is Us

Close to becoming a father, Kevin is increasingly reflecting on his relationship with Jack. While he is in Vancouver to shoot one of the biggest scenes of his career, he gets a call from Madison saying that she is in labor. Promptly, he remembers the warning he received before traveling: Madison advised him to decide how he wants to be part of his family once and for all.

This time, he doesn’t hesitate to leave the set and fly back to his wife. When Foster, the director of his film, calls to find out what’s going on, Kevin is even aggressive and says that no one cares about the film, taking advantage of the call to resign. That is, the decision to stop recording with Robert De Niro is probably all we needed to know that he is really committed to being part of the family.

At this point, you are probably already waiting to know what is going to go wrong. After all, we’re talking about This Is Us, right? Well, Kevin is late for the birth of his son, driving on a road with no signal on his cell phone when he meets a man who was in a car accident. So, he decides to stop to help him, since he can’t call an ambulance.

With little time left for his flight, he takes the man to the nearest hospital. While driving, he continues talking to the man to keep him alive and talks about how his father was the best father in the world. Through flashbacks, Kevin overhears Jack talking to his mother about how bad he is at football and she shouldn’t be so easy on her son.

For Kevin, football is the most important thing in the world and what could make his father proud. However, he has problems with his trainer and reveals to his father that he is constantly cursed by him. Their relationship gets even closer when Jack threatens the coach if he overhears him calling his son an idiot again.

As much as he did a good deed, helping the man from the accident actually hindered Kevin a lot. After all, he lost his wallet when he stopped in the middle of the road and is without his passport when he finally arrives at the airport. For now, we can only wait to know how being absent at the birth of your child will affect your relationship.

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