This Is US 5×8: the Pearson family grows


This Is Us has not had a major event happening in a long time that did not involve a major tragedy. That week, the series showed the birth of three Pearson babies.

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More details on the 5×8 episode of This Is Us

The episode begins by showing an Indian man named Nasir, who is outside a party in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1963, reading a book on programming, when a girl approaches and they start talking. Their relationship is shown while Nasir explains about his research, in which he is describing the form of communication that exists today, with cell phones and the internet, which will be widely used by the family in the current circumstance.

At the cabin, Rebecca and Miguel await information about Madison and Kate, who are in labor. She talks to him about how she feels she is letting Jack down, who thought her family was breaking up, while Rebecca made sure they would never be apart. However, she is missing the birth of her three grandchildren.

In Los Angeles, Madison has been connected with Randall and Beth for hours. The couple is driving and distracting her as she goes through the contractions. Soon, Kevin arrives at Madison’s room and tells her that he abandoned his film, since now her family is her life.

In another hospital, Ellie’s delivery is happening very slowly. However, the girl reinforces several times that, when the child is born, Kate must be the first to hold her. Toby is outside waiting to hear more news on his cell phone, as he cannot be in the room due to pandemic restrictions.

In the parking lot, Toby meets a gentleman who is waiting to find out about the state of his wife, with whom he has been married for 55 years. She was admitted to the hospital with complications caused by Covid-19.

Pearson babies are born

Babies are born. Madison and Kevin have a pair of twins, Nicholas and Fran, while Ellie, Kate and Toby’s surrogate, has a girl they call Hailey Rose.

After giving birth to the baby, Ellie says that she changed her mind when the nurse goes to deliver the girl to Kate. She says she wants to hold it and asks for a moment alone. Kate, though concerned, agrees.

Ellie talks to the baby, saying that handing her over to Kate and Toby is the most difficult decision she has ever made, but that it may be the best thing she has ever done. Then, the nurse takes Hailey to Kate, who makes a video call with Toby so she can meet her daughter.

Kevin and Randall apologize to each other and make up, in addition to celebrating together the new lives that arrived in the Pearson family.

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