This Is Us 5×7: Kevin is in a hurry to get home


When we think it is no longer surprising, the 5th season of This Is Us delivers yet another episode of those we have been thinking about for days. In fact, this is even a good thing, since the beginning of the episode left fans afraid that Kevin would suffer a horrible accident. So, there is no denying that the tension of these first moments is one of the biggest highlights of the episode.

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More details of the 5×7 episode of This Is Us

Kevin is in a hurry to get home. So he drives carelessly and impulsively. He almost misses the curves he needs to do several times, since his attention is on his cell phone screen, not on the road.

It was desperate to get through the first half of the episode with the feeling that something horrible was close to happening. In the last few episodes, Kevin suffered a lot by discovering more about his mother’s tragic life. So, a car accident seemed a little bit more than necessary!

Meanwhile, we revisit Kevin’s childhood and how it is related to Jack’s. After all, while Kevin tries to get home to be a good father, young Jack, in the past, dealt with his alcoholic father.

When Jack tells his father that he shouldn’t shy away from his commitments, Kevin from the present decides to quit his job as an actor and return home. At first glance, it may even appear that he is abandoning responsibility. However, the truth is that he just decided that his family is more important.

In the middle of his journey home, Kevin decides to stop at the side of the road to help a man with the burning car. The owner of the vehicle was injured and there was no cell phone signal. This is another parallel between Jack’s childhood and Kevin’s life, as there is a possibility that the driver was drunk when causing the accident. Anyway, as much as he was in a hurry, Kevin did the right thing in helping him.

However, the problem is that he runs the risk of missing his flight home. So we can only wait to find out what the rest of your journey home will be like.

The next episodes of This Is Us can be focused on Kate so that fans can finally meet Hailey. So, keep an eye out for more!

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