This Is Us 5×6: meet Randall’s biological mother


The 5th season of This Is Us achieved a feat that not all series are capable of: dedicating an entire episode to an unknown character at the moment. However, the chapter has become one of the most dramatic of the season. That’s because the 6th episode plunged into the past of Laurel, Randall’s biological mother.

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In general, Laurel had two relationships (family and love) relevant to her story and, consequently, to Randall’s. The first was with his Aunt Mae. After all, she was a maternal figure for Laurel, even more so than her own mother. Although she suffered a lot, her aunt’s support was always the support she needed to move on.

In fact, her aunt helped her out of a marriage arranged by her father and start over after spending time in prison.

In addition, her relationship with Hai was also decisive in her history. That’s because he was probably the only one she really loved. However, after her brother’s death, her father arranged a marriage and she ended up addicted to heroin. In fact, it is worth remembering that William used the drug with her.

Then Randall discovered that his mother’s sad life was yet another way that racism affected his life. After all, her mother was sentenced to prison. As much as she was a drug user, there is no denying that her skin color was a decisive factor in the conviction.

After being released, she felt too ashamed to continue with Randall. And, unfortunately, he only discovered that his mother survived his birth when she had passed away.

Laurel’s life was very sad and, without a doubt, one of the most profound stories told in This Is Us. However, the positive part is that her ghost gives one of the most powerful advice for her son: he needs to leave the pain behind if want to live a better life. After all, resentment will only become an increasingly heavy burden if he cannot let go.

At the end of the episode, Randall inherits the farm that used to be from Mae. Therefore, Hai decides to leave the house so that Laurel’s son has his space. Meanwhile, Randall decides that he is finally ready to talk to Kevin.

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