This Is Us 5×5: Kate finally makes it through Marc


Drama and emotion are never lacking in This Is Us. So, in the 5×5 episode, this could not be different. As season 5 progresses, one of the big highlights of the episode is Kate’s personal growth when she finally overcomes Marc after 20 years.

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More about This Is Us 5×5

In episode five of the 5th season of This Is Us, Kate is the big focus. After all, we know very well that all Pearsons had their share of suffering. But it always seemed like Kate went over that quota, being the character who most needed to fight to find herself in the series.

On the other hand, we also cannot deny that she never conformed to situations. So, seeing how she finally manages to overcome her past ghosts was incredible.

Her relationship with Marc was abusive to the point of leaving profound consequences on the character. Soon, she decided that, even 20 years later, she needed to confront her abuser in order to move on. So, she finally sends the much-deserved “go to hell” to her ex-husband and talks about her new family.

In addition, another positive point of the new episode of This Is Us was also the way Toby has been with Kate all this time. In fact, this new confidence finally allowed her to talk about her abortion. For her, this was the most difficult decision in her life, but she has no regrets, as it would end in an abusive and toxic marriage.


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