This Is Us 5×4: Know Kevin’s Troubled Past


Unfortunately, the 5th season of This Is Us has already reached its anticipated hiatus. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the series needed to be interrupted earlier than expected and should only return to the screens in January 2021. However, the first episodes left nothing to be desired and the 5×4 was undoubtedly one of the best ever released .

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More details of the 5×4 episode of This Is Us

Most of the episode was focused on Kevin, one of the most underrated and even misunderstood characters. After all, he has a complex history when trying to deal with sobriety. Despite his recurring problems, he is always trying to help Randall and Kate, even suffering from them.

This time, however, it did not happen. The series followed Kevin through different stages of his life and brought up some connections that we didn’t understand before this episode.

Kevin tells Kate that Jack and Rebecca have always been obsessed with Randall, so he considered himself lucky when he got a few minutes of his attention. In fact, one of the most important moments of the episode is when we realized that his parents had problems dealing with their sleeping difficulties when they were little. So it may have affected your entire life.

In this dynamic, Jack always wanted Kevin to overcome his problems alone, while Rebecca tried to protect him from his own feelings. That is, it is not exactly a dynamic that helps children to grow confident, right?

As a teenager, this lack of a family atmosphere made Kevin have a lot of problems with his football team coach. But not only that. From what we understand, the truth is that the dream of being a good player was more about Jack, it didn’t matter so much to Kevin.

This did not stop Jack from pressing Kevin for success. After all, for him, when a child makes a commitment, he must follow it, even if it is difficult. In addition, the This Is Us episode also proved that Kevin can find the solution to any problem when he needs it.

As if those problems weren’t enough, now Kevin needs to deal with the director of his new film, although the professional has made it clear that he prefers Ava over the actor. In several instances, he stopped the scene to praise the actress and say that Kevin needed to improve his work, triggering the feelings of insufficiency in his childhood.

Now he has to deal with the pressure on a daily basis to get his first Oscar and make his parents feel proud, which is not exactly easy when you are struggling to maintain sobriety. However, we can only wait to follow the development of the character.

This was a very emotional episode and, for sure, it will be worth the wait until the second part of the 5th season of This Is Us.

The series returns on January 5, 2021. What do you think will happen? Leave your comment below!


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