This Is Us 5×16: What Does The End of Season 5 Hold? (Promo)


This Is Us: Recently, NBC released an unprecedented preview for the This Is Us season finale, titled “The Adirondacks”.

The 5×16 episode of the series will be shown next Tuesday (25th), ending the 5th season of production. Just like the short video shows, there will be a big event, which consists of the wedding of Madison (Caitlin Thompson) and Kevin (Justin Hartley).

In the last few episodes, emotions took over the characters. In addition to Kevin having a frank conversation with his brother Randall (Sterling K. Brown), which allowed an opening between the feelings of the two, the audience also followed an arc of liberation of the actor of the Pearson family.

Even though things seem to be moving towards something lighter and calmer, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is concerned about her relationship with Randall because her internship may require her to move to another city. That way, she can already see that many waters are going to flow before the 5th season is over, isn’t it?

Check out the full preview released by NBC:

This Is Us: 6th and final season of the series should premiere only in 2022

As previously reported by the broadcaster, This Is Us will conclude its narrative with the 6th season. In addition, production will be left out of the Fall Season 2021, returning to the NBC schedule only in 2022.

According to the channel’s producers and executives, the measure was taken to ensure that the public has a more continuous and gap-free display. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, along with the reduction in the number of episodes, viewers followed the 5th season of This Is Us with long breaks.

In this sense, fans should take advantage of the final moments that will be shown next week, considering that it is quite possible that the series will only be broadcast again in a few good months.

So don’t miss it! This Is Us airs the episode 5×16 on May 25 on NBC.


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