This Is Us 5×13: Kevin e Randall finalmente conversam (recap)


This Is Us: One of the most difficult things for viewers of This Is Us is to know many details about the Pearson brothers’ background. In this way, the mistakes made, which reflect a lot in the present, end up becoming painful and at the same time exciting experiences, showing that none of that can be changed.

One of the most intense relationships seen in the series is that of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley), who grew up without much contact and cultivated various antagonisms in adolescence.

Thus, the title “Brotherly Love” (Fraternal Love, in a free translation) puts some perspectives on the screen and, in a way, argues about the transformations that can still happen.

Learn more about this week’s episode of This Is Us with our recap!

This Is Us 5×13: The Truce Begins Between Kevin and Randall

There is an emotional roller coaster in the episode presented last Tuesday (13). In the current timeline, Randall awaits Kevin’s arrival, and Beth (played by Susan Kelechi Watson) tries to calm her husband’s spirits and nerves before going out with the girls, so that Randall and Kevin can have time alone.

Randall is not sure if he will be able to improve his relationship with his brother, given that both have had several disagreements over the seasons. When Kevin finally arrives, the two end up greeting each other in a strange way.

Kevin checks his phone all the time, which reveals that he was waiting for a call from Robert De Niro. Then, they sit down to start the conversation. Kevin starts by apologizing for his actions in the past, also saying that Kate (Chrissy Metz) mentioned things that happened that made him reflect.

His apology is accepted without much enthusiasm and then Randall walks to the porch. The tension begins to rise when Randall makes it clear that he wants space and Kevin will not allow it. At that point, when Kevin’s phone finally rings, the two realize they’ve been locked out.

Randall says he never expected an apology. Kevin argues that he cannot understand why Randall’s childhood was so bad, since the two had an excellent upbringing. From there, Randall tries to explain that Kevin’s racial blind spots have significantly impacted him.

While the two try to re-enter the house, Kevin asks what he did wrong and Randall says it was little things that hurt him, citing some past episodes. After being able to get back inside, Kevin also exposes his side and Randall argues about being adopted and how he felt every day thinking about it.

The conversation ends in a positive way, showing that the two are managing to get it right, even if little by little. Later, when Randall is going to sleep, he remembers a few moments. And then viewers are transported to two rather melancholy flashbacks.

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