This Is Us 5×12: Miguel and Nicky are sincere with each other


This Is Us put the focus on a character that we’ve wanted to find out about for a long time. Miguel, Jack’s best friend and now Rebecca’s husband, had to deal with Nicky’s teasing about the marriage, which he also feels guilty about at times.

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Miguel has always been a supporting character in the Pearson life. In the past, we see how he helped Jack recreate his first meeting with Rebecca so that his friend could propose. Meanwhile, in the present, he is helping with another wedding: Kevin and Madison.

The problem is that Nicky seems to want to provoke Miguel in every way and Kevin needs to intervene to defend him. It is only when Kevin reaffirms Miguel’s place as Rebecca’s husband that his uncle is on hand to help.

Still, his “helping” is quite problematic. All of Miguel’s ideas are rejected by Nicky and he continues to make aggressive comments about the marriage of Miguel and Jack’s ex-wife. All of this to the point that Miguel can’t take it anymore. After all, as we are used to seeing in This Is Us, there is a limit to how much they can take.

When Miguel says he is tired, Nicky says he has always been hurt that Jack cut him out of his life, prioritizing the friend who later ended up married to his ex-wife. Calmly, Miguel manages to explain that he only married Rebecca 13 years after Jack’s death and even then, he feels guilty about it sometimes.

The flashbacks of the past underscore how much Miguel has always loved Jack and that he was really his best friend. When Rebecca’s father shows up at Jack’s house, Miguel defends his friend, talking about how he is the perfect father-in-law to any father and about his valiant love for Rebecca.

Back in the present, Nicky apologizes to Miguel. In turn, Miguel comforts Jack’s brother by talking about how, at the time of his marriage to Rebecca, Jack asked him to “stand beside him at the altar and make a speech”. He never got to say the words “best man” (godfather, in Portuguese) and Miguel believes that it happened because Jack would like Nicky to take over that place.

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