This Is Us 5×11: better understand Nicky’s past


Being welcomed into a good family may seem easy, but it is not always such a simple task. As the 5th season of This Is Us progresses, we increasingly understand the idealized vision that Jack’s children have about him and how the past reflects on his traumas and decisions in the present.

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The focus of the episode is on Nicky and the relationship between what happened in the past and his current moment. At present, he is still undecided about what it will be like to be part of Kevin’s family. After all, he has trouble dealing with his emotions. One of the most exciting scenes is when an airport employee does not let him take a snow globe on the plane, leaving the character frustrated.

In addition, he also feels uncomfortable with the idea of ​​attending a party for Zoom. All of this may seem silly, but these obstacles make a lot more sense when flashbacks of your past begin.

If there is one thing This Is Us has been able to do very well from the beginning, it is to show how we are made by stories. In other words, an action, no matter how small, can completely refer to our past. After all, our life and personality are shaped even by our first days of life. Therefore, it is difficult to judge someone when the person’s background is not known.

This is exactly the case with Nicky. In fact, the episode is even sadder because we see him dealing with things that we know will not work in the future. One of these factors is her relationship with Sally and the reasons why he decided not to leave with her on a trip.

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One of the reasons he made his decision was his desire to be closer to the family. For Nicky, his mother needed him a lot, especially to help her with her father – whom he also wanted to be closer to. A rare moment of connection occurs when father and son watch the rocket land on the moon for the first time.

However, we already know how this story ends, don’t we? The version of Jack that he has in mind is very idealized. Even with his father encouraging Nicky to travel with Sally, he decides not to go for fear of not being able to find a place beside her.

In the future / present, Cassidy makes the connection about how Nicky always compared himself to Jack and, to this day, he lives on believing that Jack would be proud of him in California. The friendship between Cassidy and Nicky is one of the good points in the episode and she encourages him to take his place as part of the family.

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