This is the year of naked dresses thanks to Megan Fox. Should we expect brighter views on VMA this year?


At the 2021 VMA, Megan Fox proved she’s one step ahead by rocking the red carpet with Machine Gun Kelly in a nude dress. The popular image exploded in 2022, when celebrities from Florence Pugh to Kylie Jenner and even recently Nicole Kidman showed off a nude dress. A year has passed, and VMA 2022 is coming up tonight, which makes me wonder: will there be more outspoken views on VMA this year?

We should start with the stunning transparent look that Megan Fox wore on the red carpet last year. This has definitely spawned a trend that has been strong throughout the year, and which even Zoe Kravitz and Bella Thorne have recently picked up with their naked images, but this is certainly not the first time fashion has been sharp on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards.

In fact, Rose McGowan sported a nude dress on the red carpet more than 20 years before Megan Fox proved that trends could return. The Charmed actress dated Marilyn Manson when she presented this image on the red carpet of the Video Music Awards in 1998. Unlike Fox’s image, her image was transparent and black and completely “free[d] from the damn nipple,” as Florence Pugh recently put it.

This look stood out as one of the most prominent at the award ceremony over the years. In 2018, Rita Ora was close to transparent in a beautiful black Jean Paul Gaultier dress, which she paired with what I can only assume was fashionable underwear. (This happened after she completely gave up underwear at the previous VMA ceremony.)

The MTV Video Music Awards have been synonymous with edgy fashion from the very beginning; despite this, a year after Fox blew up the trend, I had a question: will the naked dress remain? Or will he fade into the background, like Miley Cyrus’ infamous foam finger? Will today’s fashion highlight the new trend that will appear next year? Will anyone be able to surpass what Megan Fox has achieved over the past year? Will Fox herself be able to surpass what she achieved last year? Time will show.

However, I’m interested to find out. It seems to be a trend that has a sticky force, especially after Nicole Kidman starred in a nude dress for a recent photo shoot in Perfect Magazine. But considering that VMA has always prided itself on being at the forefront of fashion, I’m interested to see if this trend, according to celebrities, will continue to last, or some other exciting image will appear. be a byword tonight.

Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait. MTV VMA 2022 will air on Sunday, August 28, at 20:00. ET; The start of the red carpet starts earlier, at 6:15 a.m. Eastern time. Or find out what else will be on TV soon, with our full schedule of fall premieres.


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